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Change your mindset and get on track with your farm

May 3, 2022

We have had a few people get back to us recently why they think the time isn’t right to really dig in and make their farm ownership dreams happen. Given we are kicking off our farm pitching program (, I thought now was another great time to smash through any excuses you have which are stopping you getting on your pathway to own your farm.

1. You need to be ready to jump onto opportunities The Cultivate Farms team continually get asked to comment on next gen farm ownership issues and this is helping us to uncover farm ownership opportunities. This means that farms could pop up anywhere, anytime, and they could meet your needs perfectly. But unless you have a plan and are ready, we are going to struggle to recommend you to these retiring farmers. Our need is to have high quality farmers, with a plan and proven record, to put in front of farmers that are always coming to us. That means you need to be ready, mentally and also with a plan and track record. That is why we started Cultivator - our farm pitching program. It is the very best way for you to work through everything you need to make sure you are ready. The program works and you just need to take the leap to do it. You have to have a plan, you need confidence and you need to practice your pitch; everything you get in the program.

2. Farms are expensive People have been saying this for decades and it is probably more true than ever now. But no matter the price of farms, you need to be the best farmer that can make money off the farm or farming area you want to farm. Even if you had the money to buy a farm, you wouldn’t be farming somewhere you couldn’t make money. So make sure you know how to farm well and make money, then pick the locations where you think the land prices will work and focus your efforts there. Maybe you are looking at areas, which don’t make sense for the farming you do.

3. I’m too busy Life will never get quieter and you always make time for your priorities We tell our farmers to sit back and think about what they want out of life and if farm ownership is up the top, then we know and have seen, farmers make time. Once you do the heavy lifting on the why, how, what and finances, you will be able to hunt for farms and ownership opportunities like breathing. It is getting things going and having the plan clear at the start which takes time. But you need to find it, and you can if your driver is to own your farm.

4. I’m not ready If you don’t know how to run a farm and make money off it, then you probably aren’t ready.

But if you are working for someone else or doing farming on your own through leasing or a small block, then you are probably ready.

This is about you being confident in your own skills. Don’t worry about what others will think. If you know you are a great farmer, then you are ready. Cultivator 6 The next farm investment program starts in early May and places are filling. So please do jump on the website and check it out.

If you want to own your farm, you need a plan and this is the best way to get you to get that plan and the confidence to realise it. Get more information here:



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