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We have an investor ready to back an aspiring farmer | Could that be you?

September 27, 2019

Sam unpacks how and why an investor is ready to back an aspiring farmer - which could potentially be you.

Cultivator - the World’s first farm investment incubator 

I wanted to give an update on the Cultivator program which we are currently taking expressions of interest for applicants

It is a 6 month incubator program where we take 10 aspiring farmers and help them pull a farm pitch together and at the end, one farmer is going to be backed by an investor (who has already backed Freeland Pork).

We have had a number of enquiries and I wanted to give some more details to help answer some common questions we are having.

Please do reach out if you are interested, I am happy to chat with you about whether this is for you.

1. Vic focused but we are seeking to expand to NSW
2. We have received Federal Government support to subsidise the costs
3. Applications due October 30 2019
4. You will get 1) a farm pitch 2) 5 year financial model 3) 3 minute video
5. Who are the mentors:
Claire Coates
Create Business
Shine at Business

Apply here - 

6. How we will support you if you aren’t the matched farmer. You now have a pitch that you can take to unlock other investors or impress a retiring farmer. You will be confident in who you are as a farmer and willing to get out there and open doors. And the Cultivate Farms team will be alongside you the whole way
7. We will have a stack of media opportunities during the program where you can get your face and name out there to build interest from people who could back you
There isn’t a program like this in the world, and we are so excited to have created this opportunity for aspiring farmers. So please don’t let this opportunity pass you by

If you think you are good enough and do want to own your farm, reach out

Let’s get you owning your farm!

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