The Farm Ownership Podcast

Match making farmers to help the Millewa community

October 22, 2019

If your kids don’t want the farm, you don’t just have to sell up and walk away.
If you have a dream of owning a farm but aren’t going to inherit a farm, it is absolutely possible to realize your dream.

Bringing more people into the community is a priority at any time, even in times of drought like now. Cultivate Farms, farm matchmakers, are encouraging the Millewa community to start thinking about who they could match so that there is a continual flow of top-quality farmers to the community forever.

Cultivate Farms are focusing on the Mildura region to pilot an initiative in an attempt to bring more young people into farm ownership and help retiring farmers step back with dignity.

The Mildura region is one of three focus communities with the Cultivate Communities program which aims to find practical solutions to transitioning farm ownership between generations.

Sam Marwood, Co-Founder of Cultivate Farms, will be running workshops on matchmaking farmers as part of the Regenerative Communities Road Trip being run by the Mildura Rural City Council on Thursday 3 October at Lake Cullulleraine.

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