The Farm Ownership Podcast

Farm Business Profitability Made Easier | with Mike Krause Founder of P2P Agri

October 25, 2019

We interview great people who are helping farmers to get farm ownership ready or make farmers more profitable and successful - we do this to help save you time.
Click through to join Sam with Mike Krause who is the Founder of P2P Agri.
P2P Agri a farm business profitability cloud platform.  It’s is just one of the tools we will be using through our Cultivator Program in 2020 to support 10 aspiring farmers pitch successfully to investors to co-own a farm.
Our farmers will be developing their 5-year financial model through this system.
Mike has worked with farmers for years and in government, banking and the insurance sectors
P2P Agri is software to help farmers manage their business - Their mission is to help farm businesses be profitable and sustainable into the future
Also, Mike wrote Farming the Business - sowing for your future - which is free or $10 from GRDC. Well worth the reading and is another great resource provided to farmers in our Cultivator program

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