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Cultivate Farms TV Episode 81: Momentum Builds

April 30, 2020

In this update Sam Marwood provides an update on how we are continuing to find farm ownership opportunities for you all. 


Cultivate Farms TV Episode 81:

  1. Cultivator Program Update - our 10 farmers are pulling together their farm pitches for the investor
  2. We are launching a project in Queensland on Vendor Finance - watch this space
  3. We are pulling together a book - ’The first farm owners guide’. Super excited for this
  4. Ageing on Farm program is gaining momentum. This will result in a practical guide for farmers on how they can decide if they age on farm and back a next gen farmer
  5. Many from the agricultural industry are reaching out to us - lots of plans underway to find more farm opportunities for you
  6. More farms being loaded on the system -


Let's get you farming!

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