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Apply to co-own a farm with an investor - Cultivator 2020

November 12, 2019

You have 3 days to apply for Cultivator

We have definitely been pumping the promotion for this program and hopefully, you have already heard about it and are in the process of applying.

It takes about 10 minutes to apply

We have an investor ready to back a farmer, so we are taking 10 farmers on a pitching journey with the best pitch being backed.

What we are really excited about is that between now and the pitching event in November 2020 we have 12 months to promote all of our 10 farmers and target more investors.

We will have a class of the best farmers going around that we can put in front of as many farm investors as we can. We would love to find an investor for every farmer.

So if you are worried that you only have a one in ten shot at the investor, take heart that we will be fighting for more investors.

If we don’t find more investors along the way, we will have the farm pitch that we can take with you to find your own investors after the program.

What we are doing with Cultivator is what we have been promoting for a long-time - aspiring farmers need to pull a farm pitch together and start shopping it around. It takes time to pull this together, but having a pitch document is so powerful

How can you get an investor or anyone to back you if you don’t have a plan showing how good you are and how good the farm deal is?

So if you know you want to farm your whole life, you want to co-own your farm and you want to farm in Vic or NSW, then please do apply.

You only live once and this is an amazing opportunity.

Apply by this coming Friday 15 November

Email me if you have questions

Let’s get you farming!

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